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Re: [APD] Free speech issues

Put another way, as things apply in the US, to make a case
of libel against someone requires that 

the defendant made a statement purportedly of fact which is
false and made the statement to at least one other person
which reasonable identifies the plaintiff and is defamatory
and causes damage to the plaintiff.

The plaintiff must prove each and every element of the tort
to the standard of proof required (in the U.S., this is
generally a "preponderance of the evidence"). This means,
among other things, that 

statements of opinion are not defamation, 

true statements of fact are not defamation 

unless the statement is defamatory per se, a rapidly
shrinking category, statements which do not cause actual,
quantifiable damage are not actionable defamation, 

statements which are made only to the plaintiff are not

That a statement be "defamatory" requires that it is
"injurious to a person's good name or reputation", and not,
for example, merely mean or unflattering. 

But in any event, the 1st consultation with an attorney is
more money than I want to spend.

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