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[APD] Light cycle and algae

I recently read in a beginners' book (*) on aquatic plants the assertion "It
is possible to combat algae in the aquarium by  (...) creating a "siesta"
period.  (...)  If the aquarium receives 5-6 hours of lighting followed by
2-3 hours of darkness and then another 5-6 hours of light, the plants will
be relatively unaffected  (...) but algae growth rates will be significantly
reduced and may even start to die back."

Does anyone here have empirical evidence about the effectiveness of this?
I'm not interested in opinions about why it ought to work or not work, but I
am very interested in data from controlled experiments.


Alan Walker

 *Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants, Peter Hiscock, Barron's Educational
Series, 2003, ISBN 0-7641-5521-0

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