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Re: [APD] Clear Life Opinions

Bill D wrote:
> I'm sure that the Clear Life people know of this thread.  It would be
> helpful if they would post their side of the controversy - there are always
> two.

That would be wonderful if they would do that. I imagine they won't even 
if they know about the thread. They never answered any email or 
correspondence before. You have to catch them on the phone.

There is no "controversy" here though. I see scratches, they see 
scratches, the retailer sees scratches. No one argues that. The only 
disagreement is whether Clear for Life should do something. I wasn't 
surprised that they wouldn't take the tank back directly from me, but I 
was somewhat surprised that they refused to even polish it while I was 
there to see if it helped. I was really surprised to learn that they 
don't accept returns from their retailers even for new, unused product.

Jerry Baker
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