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Re: [APD] HQI fixtures

Jerry Barker wrote:

 Does anyone know where you can get DE metal halide fixtures for under $105 
each? With mogul-based setups you can get a reflector, socket, etc.  for 
about $39. Seems crazy to pay three times the price for the same
 thing with double-ended. I know DE has to have a shield, but do those 
really cost $65?

Consider retrofitting the bulb into a Regent worklight from home depot.  The 
nano-reefing folks do this all the time.  Apparently the DE HQI bulbs will 
fit perfectly, or with some slight modification, into the Regent sockets. 
You also get the reflector and UV glass all for one low price.  They are 
very easy to turn into an attractive pendant or mod into full hood.

See the DIY section at www.nano-reef.com

Dennis Dietz

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