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Re: [APD] Fw: Story in Tampa Newspaper - STICK TO THE TOPIC.

Mike Smith wrote

Blah blah blah patriot christians blah blah.

That canon of discussion is not for the plants list. Please don't do it 
again. I've been guilty in the past of similar tresspasses. In fact, 
when I posted a good-bye to Hunter S. Thompson on news of his death, it 
was subsequently squashed by the moderator before it ever made post. 
Given I can't post a public good-bye to one of the heroes of my heart, 
you can't post this pollitical world-police right wing whine to the good 
'ol days either.

... speaking of PH controllers. I don't trust them. If my tank is going 
to suffer a PH crash, by gawd, I'm going to have someone to blame rather 
than a rogue piece of technology. That's just not acceptable.  I'm 
currently testing out Barr's method of a fine CO2 bubble dispersion 
manually controlled from mornig to night. The results so far have been 

- C.
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