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[APD] Alert Alert - Baloney Detected

Jerry Baker wrote:
> S. Hieber wrote:
>> Yeah, nice work if you can get it. But there aren't many
>> refereed journals dealing with aquatic gardening.
> Ya. It's unfortunate. NASA does a lot of studies on aquatic vegetation 
> for various uses though. Those get published in journals like Advanced 
> Space Research.
> I was just left thinking of sometimes stumbling across a product that 
> claims it will solve all of your problems. "Makes water changes a thing 
> of the past, and all your plants will grow 2 feet a day and trim 
> themselves" kinds of stuff.

Take a look at this web site.


And tell me what you think. ;-)

They say:

ECO-Aqualizer uses PATENTED negative ionic energy provided by a 
proprietary blend of basic electromagnetic physics combined with NASA’s 
space age far infrared radiation to ensure that aquarium water is 
constantly being rid of its toxic impurities and remains in a healthy, 
reactive state.   This in turn directly improves the: 

  quality of water
  long-term health of livestock
  effectiveness of filtration
  bio-availibilty of Oxygen
  efficiency of the nitrogen cycle.

The result is a simple, maintenance-free unit neatly designed to provide 
around the clock molecular purification with natural flowing streams of 
IONIZATION.  This innovative breakthrough reduces the ionic bond of H2O 
molecules to allow greater oxygen availability and enhanced breakdown of 
impurities and ammonia.   Resulting in an incredible filtration BOOST by 
up to 300%.

Your aquarium not only remains cleaner, fresher, and healthier, but will 
have an everlasting transparency in water clarity... as well your 
livestock will greatly appreciate and benefit from this oxygen enriched 
environment.  Fish will be less stressed, more lively, grow faster and 
maintain much brighter colors.  Your reef will exhibit spectacular 
growth and feeding frenzy in this continuously renewed, vibrant water 
environment.  All plants and invertebrates will equally benefit from 
this revitalized water quality.

Now, all hobbyists can easily and naturally maintain a well balanced 

Amazing what you can do with a couple of magnets isn't it?!

Stuart Halliday

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