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[APD] New notes on CO2 misting methods

I've tried a new method for CO2 in the mist. No diffuser/Reactor at all.
Fits on to the outflow of the canister filter outside the tank, cheaper than diffusers, maybe the same cost as very cheap diffuser/DIY reactor. Use a spray bar along the back lower side the entire length of the tank(or close).
Add a Kent Marine venturi(or other brand etc) to the outflow from the canister. Add CO2 to this line in put.
This produces a very fine mist along the entire back wall and can be directed through the plants very evenly for any sized tank. Other types of venturis are available(some cost a fair amount for better results such as the Mazzei).
 It is key to use very good venturis or the larger bubble size will influence the results.
But the trade off is more pump pressure and flow drop(always some trade off).
These venturis can be mounted outside AFTER the canister filter(which solves several issues for many). It does reduce flow rates, but nothing is inside the tank.
The venturi mist adds a curtain from the bottom up through the entire tank, no matter what shape/size it might be hitting the leaves from the lower side.
A solenoid shuts the Gas off at night.
These are typically used for Protein skimmers for Reef tanks.
I use these for aeration instead of skimming my planted Marine tank(you do not get any skimmate from a planted marine FYI).
The venturi method might provide yet another option for even dispersal of CO2 mist since it can be connected to the spray bar right before going into the tank.
The spray can be configured an infinite number of ways for ANY size tank to get even bubble distribution.
My test tank is still going nuts(no water change now for 16 days). 
The pearling was/is NOT a temporary effect.
Consistently day after day, very high dissolved O2 levels.
I will do a water change tomorrow morning to see if I can produce the same effect and how it impacts the DO level.
Next is hooking up the venturi and trying another method to do this in addition to these I've discussed.  
Tom Barr

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