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Re: [APD] New notes on CO2 misting methods

you know i've got these little white disposable bubbler stones. they are 
more like plastic, but they give pretty fine bubbles. i was considering 
hooking them to my line and just shoving it down my fluvals output a 
bit. I think I would get a similar effect. i have noticed it takes a few 
minutes to get the yeast to gain some pressure, but it will bubble and I 
wonder if this will work. i will have to try it. i dont know if it'll 
get quite the efeect we're talking about though. it may not reach plants 
like we are talking about unless i put the output down in the tank. my 
only issue with that is high flow blows my sand around.


Thomas Barr wrote:

>I've tried a new method for CO2 in the mist. No diffuser/Reactor at all.
>Fits on to the outflow of the canister filter outside the tank, cheaper than diffusers, maybe the same cost as very cheap diffuser/DIY reactor. Use a spray bar along the back lower side the entire length of the tank(or close).
>Add a Kent Marine venturi(or other brand etc) to the outflow from the canister. Add CO2 to this line in put.
>This produces a very fine mist along the entire back wall and can be directed through the plants very evenly for any sized tank. Other types of venturis are available(some cost a fair amount for better results such as the Mazzei).
> It is key to use very good venturis or the larger bubble size will influence the results.
>But the trade off is more pump pressure and flow drop(always some trade off).
>These venturis can be mounted outside AFTER the canister filter(which solves several issues for many). It does reduce flow rates, but nothing is inside the tank.
>The venturi mist adds a curtain from the bottom up through the entire tank, no matter what shape/size it might be hitting the leaves from the lower side.
>A solenoid shuts the Gas off at night.
>These are typically used for Protein skimmers for Reef tanks.
>I use these for aeration instead of skimming my planted Marine tank(you do not get any skimmate from a planted marine FYI).
>The venturi method might provide yet another option for even dispersal of CO2 mist since it can be connected to the spray bar right before going into the tank.
>The spray can be configured an infinite number of ways for ANY size tank to get even bubble distribution.
>My test tank is still going nuts(no water change now for 16 days). 
>The pearling was/is NOT a temporary effect.
>Consistently day after day, very high dissolved O2 levels.
>I will do a water change tomorrow morning to see if I can produce the same effect and how it impacts the DO level.
>Next is hooking up the venturi and trying another method to do this in addition to these I've discussed.  
>Tom Barr
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