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Re: [APD] black substrate beads

   Vaughn you were asking about where the black beads come from. I did a 
little digging and asking while at work. The beads come from a company in 
Fort Smith Arkansas. Here's there website address.
This stuff is called Sintered Bauxite. It has to be thoroughly washed to get 
the dust out, but once that's done it's pretty much inert according to the 
data sheet... http://www.nortonproppants.com/06_products/Bauxite.pdf

I don't know if they sell it in small amounts, but I'd guess it's worth 
asking anyway. The only hazard I've found is the stuff makes for a sliippery 
floor if you spill it.

Justin Travis
Lovington NM

>From: Vaughn Hopkins <hoppy1 at surewest_net>
  Where do
>you get those black well fracturing beads?  Is there a website where
>they can be ordered?  Expensive?

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