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Re: [APD] New to group

Hi Justin,
You have a great idea there, or at least it seems that way.  Where do 
you get those black well fracturing beads?  Is there a website where 
they can be ordered?  Expensive?  I really enjoy a black sand 
substrate, but the typical black beauty type of blasting grit is so 
sharp it has caused me too much grief.  Your idea resurrected my 

Vaughn H.

On Sunday, September 18, 2005, at 12:43 PM, Justin Travis wrote:

> My name is Justin Travis. Being a fuel Hauler and soon to be father of 
> four
> I somehow manage to squeeze in time to watch and care for my aquarium. 
> It's
> a 46 gallon bowfront community tank with an interesting substrate I 
> think. I
> like the look of black sand, but hate the expense. I used the aquatic 
> plant
> soil from Walmart since it was sterile and non fertilized to start. I 
> then
> was able to procure five gallons of the black well fracturing beads 
> that
> Halliburton oilfield services uses to increase oil flow in well bores. 
> The
> beads are perfect 2 and 3 millimeter balls and flow like sand, but 
> they will
> not compact under pressure.

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