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Re: [APD] Just how accurate do we need lighting recommendations to be?

What I'd really like to see some hard data on is water...since that's what 
our tanks are full of. I know my water varies by season (we use two 
different reservoirs, and they have different hardness and probably other 
different characteristics), and there was a visible effect on the plants in 
my high-light, high-tech, high-intervention tank when we changed reservoirs. 

 I think sometimes aquarists get extremely focused on one thing - like 
light, or measuring fertilizers to .00001 gram accuracy - and miss the fact 
that they are completely ignoring other variables - like how much water is 
in the tank (more plants = less space for water) or what is in the water 
naturally (anybody have a kit for measuring trace elements?).
 So, what kind of water are YOU using?
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