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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 25, Issue 50

Thomas Barr wrote:
> I never discounted a controlled study, I've done them on lights and can suggest a very easy and simple way to do this(see above), not with 600-2000$ or more light meters.

Without light meters, the study isn't of much use to anyone. How are you 
proposing to quantify the results of such a study so that the results 
can be applied to arbitrary bulbs and setups? If you do this study using 
a light kit from AH Supply, how will this knowledge correlate with ODNO 
setups, or MH? You can't do it without measuring. Measuring is the basis 
of all empirical knowledge, and without measurement there is no real way 
to apply the knowledge to a new and unique situation.

If conducted the same study, but measured PAR in some standard way, that 
instantly makes the results applicable to any bulb for which the PAR 
ratings are known as long as other variables are the same. That seems 
much more useful to me.

This all gets to my original point that there needs to be some sort of 
standardization. All of this hodge-podge of knowledge and anecdotal 
experience is making it much more difficult to advance the body of 
knowledge in this hobby than it needs to be. This lack of 
standardization and definitive, quantitative analysis is the whole 
reason there are prolonged debates about this lighting and that. It 
doesn't have to be that way. There is a definitive answer on the minimum 
light required, or the most PAR per dollar/watt, and just about any 
other topic involving a result that can be measured empirically. Just 
because we don't know the answer yet doesn't mean there isn't one.

Jerry Baker
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