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Re: [APD] Just how accurate do we need lighting recommendations to be?

Jerry Baker wrote:

>That scares me. I can't tell if you have "art school syndrome" or if 
>it's something else. If you don't know, art school syndrome is a 
>somewhat common affliction where there is a pathological opposition to 
>the idea that something beautiful can be explained, or quantified.
I tried to explain this to my english teachers in the sense this is what 
essays do to books. It takes the magic out of the story by being over 
analytical.  They wouldn't have any of that.  A good story has to be 
picked apart to reveal more secrets of course. It all eventually leads 
to author comparison through measurement and the intellectual community 
trying to browbeat each other. It's all really quite childish. I got my 
grades and left, thus ended my foray into the world of english lit. All 
the better for me I guess. Now I just read a book and enjoy it. *sigh*

Sorry all for the off topic rant.

- Chris.

P.S. This is interesting... Thunderbirds canadian/english dictionary 
does not know how to spell 'english'.
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