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Re: [APD] Pressure pumps versus circulation pumps

> I went with the pressure pump with the 1/2" outlet because of the 
> convoluted 1/2" piping path it will use - built-in piping intended for 
> another use initially. I don't like seeing any equipment in the tank, 
> plus the submersibles at higher flows pull a lot of watts which adds 
> heat. I've got a tricky combination with goldfish in a planted tank, so 
> cleanup and lower temperatures tend to work against each other. Hence the 
> external pump and trying to get better waste extraction, mainly for 
> aesthetics.

In terms of water movement, this worked out very well. However, this pump 
runs loud and hot to me, but I've never run these before so I don't know if 
this is normal or defective. The model I used is rated at 90 watts. I'd 
hate to see what the water temp would be if it was a submersible.


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