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Re: [APD] Pressure pumps versus circulation pumps

That is an air cooled pump; the rotor and stator are not
bathed in a flow of water. So it's going to have a harder
time muffling noise than would a water-cooled pump, other
things being equal. Also, "harder" time cooling, for the
same reason. Well, actually an air cooled pump can be just
as cool as a water cooled pump, but it takes a lot of air 
so designs usually allow for higher operating temps than
with water-cooled pumps.

Even with an air-cooling fan built into the motor (which
not all air-cooled motors have), it's not uncommon for
these smaller air-cooled motors to run in excess of 120 F
-- 160F, becooming a tad too hot to hold your hand on them.
Big plus is the heat is not being dumped in the aquarium.

The motor plate should have the voltage and max amp draw of
the motor and probably has a manufacturer name and model
number, through which sometimes you can find the motor
maker's web site and find the operating specs for the
motor. That will tell you how hot or loud it should be
running if operated as the motor maker intended.

Good luck.


--- Tom Wood <tomwood2 at flash_net> wrote:

> > I went with the pressure pump with the 1/2" outlet
> because of the 
> > convoluted 1/2" piping path it will use - built-in
> piping intended for 
> > another use initially. I don't like seeing any
> equipment in the tank, 
> > plus the submersibles at higher flows pull a lot of
> watts which adds 
> > heat. I've got a tricky combination with goldfish in a
> planted tank, so 
> > cleanup and lower temperatures tend to work against
> each other. Hence the 
> > external pump and trying to get better waste
> extraction, mainly for 
> > aesthetics.
> In terms of water movement, this worked out very well.
> However, this pump 
> runs loud and hot to me, but I've never run these before
> so I don't know if 
> this is normal or defective. The model I used is rated at
> 90 watts. I'd 
> hate to see what the water temp would be if it was a
> submersible.
> TW 
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