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Re: [APD] Mixing Flourite and Gravel

Rachel is absolutely right, depending on the gravel. If the
stuff is about the same density and "grain" size as
Flourite, it will tend to mix over time. The less dense and
the larger of the two materials will tend to work it's way
up as the denser, smaller stuff works its way down. I'm
usually in trouble if I try to, uh emmend, something Rachel
has said, but I think I have this right -- well, right
depending on the gravel. ;-)

I have some filter sand under my Flourite in one tank and I
couldn't get it to stay mixed near the surface if my life
depended on it, which, unremarkably enough, it doesn't. 

But I can't fairly nit pick Rachel's taste. I'd go with
100% Flourite too. 


--- Rachel Sandage <rachelsor at gmail_com> wrote:

> Flourite and gravel will mix over time as you plant and
> vaccuum, so you 
> might as well mix them from the beginning. I put mine in
> a big tub, filled 
> it with water, swirled it around and then emptied the
> water out. You can do 
> that 3 or 4 times and be done - the water will never run
> perfectly clear.
>  If you can at all in any way afford it, I'd go for 100%
> flourite.

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