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Re: [APD] Mixing Flourite and Gravel

You can mix the tow before you add them or after. I don't
think it makes a lot of diff. Personally, I'd mix it in the
tank, adding s littl eo this then the other, simply because
th aquarium is a nice handy large container and it's one
less time to have to move the substrate from one container
to another.

Beyond that, I think you should treat it the same way as
pure Flourite. Put the substrate in the aquarium dry except
for the top 1/2" or so, which you should first rinse
lightly. But don't drive yourself nuts trying to get the
draining water crystal clear -- the agitation while rinsing
will produce more dust while you rinse -- not to worry,
just get the worst of it off. Blanket the dry stuff with
the rinsed stuff.

After you have added the substrate, then add water to the
tank very slowly until you have about an inch or so above
the substrate. Take your time, have cup of coffee --
patience will adding the water is a lot easier than
rinsing. Then arrange rocks and driftwood if you're using
those things, then add your plants. Do the tall plants last
so they don't flop over the work area while you are adding
the shorter plants. Spray the plants occassionally during
this process if needed to keep them moist.

After planting, fill the tank with water very slowly.
Release the water over a dish or empty butter tub to help
spread out the water flow and maybe use one of those large,
many-holed soaker sprinkler heads to help reduce the force
of the water current. 

The dry stuff on the bottom will tend to suck up water as
water is applied to it, holding in the dust.

What small amount of dust that does get in to the water
column will all settle, probably overnight. Some pics in
the recent AGA's journal, _The Aquatic Gardener_ show how
effective this method can be -- Karen Randall is doing the

If the material you are adding to the Flourite is stone or
quartz/silica sand, it will tend to settle below the
Flourite over time because it is denser; so don't worry too
much about mixing the two too intensely.

Hope that helps.
good luck good fun,
Scott H.

--- Beth Lang <lang510 at comcast_net> wrote:

> I am going to be setting up a 90 gallon tank in a couple
> of months and plan
> to have Flourite and Regular Gravel.  I have read several
> articles about
> cleaning Flourite and adding water when you use it alone.
>  But how does the
> process work if you are using a 50/50 mixture.  Would
> someone please share
> their experience on how they cleaned and how it was put
> into the tank
> (mixing or two layers)

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