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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 25, Issue 28

I never knew these things were assumptions either. I have a huge text on 
all the nutrients macro and trace in relation to aquatic plants what 
exactly they do and what symptoms of their deficiencies are including  
how the symptoms from slow growing plants to fast growing plants can 
help show whether excess of one is out competing another in the 
instances where it's relevant. I just assumed I guess that it was correct.

Jerry Baker wrote:

>Thomas Barr wrote:
>>I'm not bugging on you personally, just the Fe thing and why folks assume so much(myself in the past as well here) about Fe and traces..........we really do not know much and the differences are subtle unlike dosing macros/CO2 etc.
>I hadn't realized until your post that my responses might be read as a 
>little defensive. I didn't mean them that way. I was just genuinely 
>I don't believe aquatic plants to be much different than terrestrial 
>plants in basic things such as nutrient transport. Terrestrial plants 
>can absorb nutrient through their leaves just like aquatic plants (as an 
>example of something that might at first appear as a difference). I know 
>that when you see yellowing on new growth, iron deficiency is your best 
>bet. It's not guaranteed, but it has the best chance of being the 
>correct problem. If the new growth is green and the old growth is 
>turning yellow, that's probably manganese. Not necessarily, but probably.
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