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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 25, Issue 28

Thomas Barr wrote:
>> So have you seen Fe deificency in a red plant before?

>You seem to be implying that iron cannot be deficient in a red plant.
I am saying it is rare and something we really do not know much about with respect to FW plants. Even if we had a ppm and a view of the plant, it's still difficult to pinpoint it. 
I am implying that Fe and trace issues do not always show up in the tips either.
As far as translocation once inside the plant, that is also the same deal, we do not know that. Virtually no research has been done on the aquatic plants there. Having non CO2 tanks that get virtually no Fe at all over long time frames(fish waste only), I can say it appears that a few plants do seem to translocate while others have a more difficult time.  
>can't think of any other reason that you would be so focused on making 
>the point about red plants specifically. I didn't mention a particular 
>iron level with respect to red or green plants, nor did the poster. Is 
>there some special reason you brought that up? I can't figure it out.
Folks (not you specifically) often suggest Fe for red plants, as if they need more to produce red color. The original post was about red color in plants.

>My only suggestion was that if his plants were turning color that iron 
>might be something worth checking. You seem to be saying that this is 
>bad advice. What am I missing?

 What are they __actually checking for__?
I do not know except to add more traces and see if the tank is better after(this takes roughly 3-4 weeks).
I do know that low NO3 will bring out red color though...............and fairly rapidly, 1-4 days.
Which would be the best place to look.
Rule that out, then move on to the next item. 
I'm not bugging on you personally, just the Fe thing and why folks assume so much(myself in the past as well here) about Fe and traces..........we really do not know much and the differences are subtle unlike dosing macros/CO2 etc.
Tom Barr
>Jerry Baker

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