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Re: [APD] tempered glass

In my opinion, if I were trying to make a tank, I would want to use 
plate glass, but I haven't felt it was within my abilities to do so.  I 
have ordered tempered glass pieces of specific sizes for use in doors, 
but the best accuracy I could get on sizes was within about a sixteenth 
of an inch, and I don't see how that would be good enough for a tank.  
Plate glass, at least, can have the edges ground to better accuracy. As 
far as buying a tank is concerned, I doubt there being a significant 
difference, since I would rely on the manufacturer to use the 
appropriate  strength and thickness whichever type glass was used.  On 
the same subject, I can't see much savings in making my own tank, and 
if I buy one ready made, I don't have to wrestle with all of that 
weight trying to assemble it.

On Saturday, September 10, 2005, at 10:01 PM, urville wrote:

> so whats the pro con there? I mean is it better to have stronger glass
> or glass that wont dump the whole contents on the floor when it does
> break? I guess i dont know which is better! hehe
> ian

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