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Re: [APD] tempered glass

so whats the pro con there? I mean is it better to have stronger glass 
or glass that wont dump the whole contents on the floor when it does 
break? I guess i dont know which is better! hehe

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:

>Tempered glass doesn't break into big shards that can cut your head 
>off.  For that reason it is mandatory for all glass doors, shower stall 
>doors, big windows low enough to walk into, etc.   Also, for that 
>reason it is  used for automobile side windows.  It is also very strong 
>compared to regular glass.
>I am a do-it-yourself remodeler and worked as a handyman for a few 
>years, so I did a lot of studying of codes when I would tackle various 
>jobs, including glass doors and windows.
>Vaughn H.
>On Saturday, September 10, 2005, at 07:31 PM, Jerry Baker wrote:
>>Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass. I believe that's 
>>it is used as opposed to some perceived safety reason.
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