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Re: [APD] tempered glass

Tempered glass doesn't break into big shards that can cut your head 
off.  For that reason it is mandatory for all glass doors, shower stall 
doors, big windows low enough to walk into, etc.   Also, for that 
reason it is  used for automobile side windows.  It is also very strong 
compared to regular glass.
I am a do-it-yourself remodeler and worked as a handyman for a few 
years, so I did a lot of studying of codes when I would tackle various 
jobs, including glass doors and windows.
Vaughn H.
On Saturday, September 10, 2005, at 07:31 PM, Jerry Baker wrote:

> Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass. I believe that's 
> why
> it is used as opposed to some perceived safety reason.

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