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Re: [APD] Rotala indica

On 9/9/05, Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote: 
> S. Hieber wrote:
> > Yep. Me too. I've seen it grow under a reasonably wide
> > range of lighting and various degrees of neglect. It's at
> > its best with lots of food and light and CO2 but it's a
> > nice stem plant for slower grwoing tanks too, imo.
> Does it stay red under low light. I've never seen it be red, or grow
> much, under low light.

 Depends on the nutrient level. Mine is rarely red because I'm really 
careful about keeping N levels up in the low light tank. OTOH, the rotala in 
my higher light, CO2 injected tank is a touch pink, but only a touch, also 
due to nutrient levels. I am too lazy to do what's necessary to have vivid 
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