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Re: [APD] Rotala indica

I can't say exactly what's happening with your situation --
could be damged stems, something in the water. . . but I'll
offer some thoughts on what I think is a likely issue.

Break-in shmake-in I always say. Put in lots of plants and
then the plants can absorb the nitogenous chems that are
produced in an aquarium -- no cycling is needed if you
start with lots of plants -- especially if you can seed the
tank with some mulm (used filter crud) from an established
tank. If you are trying to cycle, could be you are starving
your plants-- they need to have their nutrients just like
fish, you, me, . . . 

If you don't have any fish, feed them anyhow -- i.e., add
fish food as if you had fish so that plants have a source
of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate (Or you can add some
potassium nitrate, potassium phosphate directly as ferts).

The Flourish and Excel will provide trace nutrients and
some carbon, but not the big 3 macronutrients.

R. indica should not be hard to grow, so long as it gets
fed and receives a modicum of light.

Also, if your aquarium has a reasonable and constant water
current, proximity the the heater shouldn't matter much.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Howard Morse <howardcm1 at verizon_net> wrote:

> Very new to aquariums and plants here. Have a 270L tank
> undergoing a fishless break-in cycle. Purchased three
> bunches of rotala indica (among others) and planted them
> one week ago. Most were survivors, or at least appear to
> be. But three stalks have started to turn white. One
> almost completely and another two, only the upper leaves
> have turned white so far. All three plants are located in
> the same part of the tank. Nearest item is the heater,
> about 5 cm away and set to 26C. Started initial dosing of
> flourish and excel on the 5th.
> Is this a natural transplant/new plant failure or am I
> not adding something that should be added.
> Suggestions, Advice and/or Comments would be appreciated.
> Howard Morse
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