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Re: [APD] Off-Topic RIAA

Liz Wilhite wrote:
>  Nice thought. I had that thought once. Then I moved to a country with the 
> Patriot Act and legislation authored by the RIAA. Oddly enough, I moved 
> without changing addresses.
>  Liz

The saddest thing about the legislation that the RIAA and MPAA have been 
able to push is not their draconian nature, and their limitations on 
fair-use. The worst thing is that the DMCA has literally handed over the 
ability to enact new copyright restrictions to these private industries. 
By making it illegal to use any copyrighted material that the author has 
attempted to block usage of, Congress effectively said, it is illegal to 
do anything with any movie or song that was not approved by the RIAA or 
MPAA first.

The new Blu-Ray players are rumored to have a mechanism to disable all 
of your movies if the MPAA finds out that someone has cracked whatever 
encryption they have used to protect their movies. So, some guy in 
Brazil cracks Blu-Ray movies and presto, you have to replace your movie 
collection. God bless the USA.

Jerry Baker
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