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Re: [APD] Ostracods

>I was wondering if anybody knew how to kill ostracods and their eggs. They 
>seem to be resistant to chlorine treatments. Are they resistant to pH 
>changes? Any other treatment? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


There is a product called "Dimilin" (you can Google search it) which is 
marketed for anchor worms in koi ponds, but will probably work on most 
anything that molts, or at least spends part of their life cycle with a 
chitin-based "shell." It works by inhibiting the regeneration of this 
chitin. So basically, even if the eggs hatch, the ostracod "babies" will 
die upon their first molt. Sounds pretty insidious... Heh-heh-hehhh >:-) . 
I've never used this product so I can't tell you how well it works. But if 
I were to treat one of my tanks with it, I would probably rule out ever 
housing ornamental invertebrates in it, or at least for a few years.

This said, I've noticed my populations of ostracods crash as of late, with 
no help from me. They don't seem to establish much in tanks with relatively 
low pH, and if the pH takes a dive in a tank that does support a large 
population of them, they disappear, at least for a while. Don't ask me 
specifically *what* pH. It's just a vague sort of observation. In some 
cases, they just stop appearing out in the open - maybe they hide in the 
gravel more when there are guppies and the like munching them then spitting 
them out... I used to hate ostracods with a passion. They were on my "list 
of disgusting aquarium critters" right below hydra. But for the past month, 
I've been battling a creepy critter that's WAY more grody... LEECHES. 
Suddenly, ostracods don't gross me out in the least. It's all relative

If you ever do try Dimilin, please post with results. I'm mostly just 
curious to know how well it works on ostracods. Personally, I think it's 
sort of overkill unless you have a plant-eating variety. Paul Krombholz has 
mentioned that not even HCl will kill the eggs (which he says can be wedged 
in between the glass and silicone seal). So I think your only hope is to 
try and target the newly-hatched ostracods before they have a chance to lay 
their own eggs. Best of luck!


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