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Re: [APD] DIY jobs

Well, the first question is, does anyone have any evidence
that it matters at all? Part and parcel to that: Are the 
energy levels of the waves (aside from the infrared)
significant? Does the dispersal of electromagnetic waves in
aquarium water make this a nonissue? Do fluorescent lights
emit more emr than, say, a tube heater?

As a fist step, I suppose you could wrap a screen (i.e.,
wave filter) around a tube heater and look for any
differences in fish behanvior. Almost any screen you're
likely to get your hands on will have holes smaller than a
tenth of wavelength of 60Hz, which should be sufficient to
reflect the waves back fromt he screen. Yes, there are
harmonics at higher freqs (120Hz, 240Hz, etc.) but at
substantially less energy than the fundamental freq. So
zeroing in on the effects of the fudnamental is probably
the first thing to look at.

Scott H.

--- Nicolas Munro <nmunro at qld_yokogawa.com.au> wrote:

> Have you looked into this AC vs DC?   I would have
> thought/assumed (non 
> researched) that the fish would be more affected by the
> AC signal as its 
> always changing. EMF goes one way then back the other
> way, 50 or 60 
> times a second??
> Either way do the fish just get use to it and accept the
> EMF / magnetics 
> after a while?

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