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Re: [APD] Canopy Cooling

S. Hieber wrote:
> If you are interested in low voltage fans (wall warts are
> cheap these days), you can find lots of good and bad info
> from the computer community. There's some good info here:

Wall warts are not that cheap. Unless you can find one that is rated for 
the exact current of your fan, you have to get a regulated - or 
switching - transformer. Those aren't so cheap. I can find them at 
surplus places for a few bucks, but it doesn't look like there is a 
reliable source of them for under about $15 each.

I was looking at using 120mm Panaflos. Being a computer nerd, I am 
already aware of the quest for silent PCs. There is another company 
called SilenX that makes 120mm fans rated at 11dBA and 14dBA with air 
flow rated at 40 CFM and 58 CFM respectively. They also have an MTBF of 
100,000 hours. Two of those would be more than adequate for just about 
any canopy. You would be hard pressed to hear 14dBA over all the noise 
your fish make while swimming around.

Jerry Baker
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