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[APD] Fan tips

S. Hieber wrote:

> Since it is the tips of the blades of a tubeaxial fan that
> move most of the air, the diameter makes a big diff. A 4"
> fan is not 33% larger than a 3" fan, it's something like
> about 80% as large in terms of effective area. So a 4" fan
> can spin about a half as fast as 3" fan to move the same
> amount if air (other things being equal).

Another good tip is to look for fans with ball bearings rather than 
sleeve bearings.

Ball bearing fans last a lot longer than sleeve bearing ones and only 
cost a little bit more.

The most common failure on a fan is due to dust build up.
I use an air canister and blow air onto the fans in my PC every 2-3 
months as otherwise dust build up causes the fans to fail.

Some fans go 'dry', that is the oil inside them dries and so the fan 
starts making squeaking noises.
This can be cured by pulling off the sticker that is on one side and 
applying a drop of light oil.

Stuart Halliday
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