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Re: [APD] Canopy Cooling

It's worth hunting for bargains and searching for computer
case fans can bring you many more bargains than the aquatic
hobby vendors. Perhaps computer builders present a bigger
market for these little mass-produced gadgets than do
aquarists. But there are bargains out there. For example,
the Masscool brand fans, manufactured by the Fanner Group
and also sold under the brand name "Speeze," are a sort of
middle-of-the-road fan interms of quaility, imo, but they
are so gosh darn cheap to buy, they are worth buying and
replacing when they wear out:


Of course, some stuff is really cheap, not becasue the
mark-up is so small but because they are made equally

--- urville <urville at peoplepc_com> wrote:

> The hobbyist being gouged! I can find cooling fans for
> cheap from local 
> custom computer shops and the transformer for about 3.95
> i think. They 
> are made to be quiet.
> Jerry Baker wrote:
> >I see that the IceCap fans are horribly expensive at
> some $45, and loud 
> >at 47.8dBA. I can put together a 35.5dBA fan and a 12VDC
> transformer for 
> >about $13. True that the IceCap is variable speed, but
> the whole point 
> >of variable speed is to be quiet. When the fan I'm
> talking about is 
> >12dBA less than the IceCap (less than half loud as
> perceived by the 
> >ear), I don't see where the IceCap has an advantage. Is
> there something 
> >critical I am missing, or is this another case of the
> aquarium hobbyist 
> >being gouged?
> >
> >  
> >
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