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Re: [APD] hydrogen sulfide - help!

Mark Gilmore wrote:

> Has anyone had this kind of experience before? 

I had a slighty similar experience. I moved a corner of the substrate to 
place an ornament in and a few big bubbles came to the surface and in a 
few mins my fish were all at the surface. Luckly I put on the air supply 
full blast and added some oxygen tablets to the tank.

Within 15mins they were all ok.

> Does my assumption of 
> hydrogen sulfide release seem correct?  

I'd agree.

> Can I assume the hydrogen 
> sulfide released yesterday has dissipated?


> I'm also worried about other pockets of hydrogen sulfide that may exist. 

Oh yes. Stir the gravel deeply to get rid of it.

>   Does anyone have advice on how to safely deal with these?

Get some MTS.
Malaysian Trumpet snails and do some deep gravel stiring with a stick!
But remove your fish first!

> My heart is heavy.

I feel really sorry for your loss. You must be so upset.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making.
Do you dare put these in your tank?
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