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Re: [APD] Excel and UV light

When I have used my UV (only for outbreaks of green water) for a few days I do observe my faster growing plants new leaves go pale which is one indication of iron deficiency.  I never get this effect without the UV sterilizer working.  Luckily you only need to turn it on for 2-3 days to solve your green water problem which is just around the time the pale leaves show up.  Stopping the UV solves the problem.

I can't say all this is a 'fact' as I haven't done chemical tests with before and after results ;).  But just from observation I would say it does seem to effect iron levels in the water.  Going off memory, that would be chelated-iron levels which happens to be the ones plants prefer (it can't actually 'remove' things from the water.. just change the chemical form) and not sure what happens to all the dechelated iron in the water.  As I do weekly water changes (one of the perks of doing that) I don't worry about the levels as they'll get reset.


>I read on another site that Seachems Excel is broken down by U.V. light and  
>that if you want to use it you need to turn off your U.V. sterilizer.
>Does anyone now if this is fact?

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