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Re: [APD] Excel and U.V. light

         U.V. light causes a lot of chemical bonds to break down. As I 
understand it breaks down "chelation".

         The reason for adding Chelated compounds to the aquarium water is 
to prevent the wanted metal from being oxidized rapidly and unaccessible to 
the plants. A chelated compound breaks down slowly and releases the wanted 
form of metal over a longer time. Thus benefiting the plant.

         U.V. light would break down the compound (& chelated nutrients) 
rapidly and thus exhaust it quickly.

         Am I wrong?


>I read on another site that Seachems Excel is broken down by U.V. light and
>that if you want to use it you need to turn off your U.V. sterilizer.
>Does anyone now if this is fact?
>Bill VanHorn

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