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Re: [APD] Excel and U.V. light

Interesting item to add to the list, Bill. I have heard
various reports that UV units break down this that or the
other thing. The report most often made that
photo-reduction occurs -- e.g., that UV photo-reduces
typical iron chelators, allowing iron to oxidize to a less
preferred form. 

The general point about UV light is certainly valid, scarce
is the evidence that these things actually happen to a
significant degree in aquaria. In aquaria, perhaps the
dosing of the subject chemicals is too frequent for UVs to
make much of a diff.

It would be interesting to hear what SeaChem has to say.
Have you asked them?

A separate but realted issue is whether UV units are really
necessary or especially beneficial for planted aquaria,
other than for occasional use to beat down an attack of
green water or a case of ick.

Scott H.

--- Billionzz at aol_com wrote:

> I read on another site that Seachems Excel is broken down
> by U.V. light and  
> that if you want to use it you need to turn off your U.V.
> sterilizer.
> Does anyone now if this is fact?
> Thanks,
> Bill VanHorn
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