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Re: [APD] Excel and U.V. light

I will answer my own question here. I was able to get thru to Seachem tech  
support and this is what they told me.
When you run Excel thru a  U.V. sterilizer it will  break down to it's most 
basic form of carbon dioxide and water. It would be  of some use but not much 
and that a normal dose of Excel wouldn't be expected  to last 24 hrs. So a good 
alternative would be to dose right before the  lights come on and then run 
the U. V. sterilizer at night.
As a side note I asked them about what the effect would be on Flourish when  
running the U.V. sterilizer. They told me it would have very little effect and 
 that it shouldn't cause a problem.
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