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Re: [APD] Re: Needle valves


there website is really hard to find stuff on but its like this according to replys ive got from them the following is some cut & pastes from emails i go from them. On the boc website somewhere i found a guide to all the types of connectors and sizes and weights of there bottles. Swagelok have the needle valve.

When you first purchase a cylinder (price of the gas) it comes full.
Rental is separate. 082 is food grade, 081 is industrial.

A 081 and 082 cylinder is pressurised to 5,000kpa. A "D" size cylinder
contains a volume of 6 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide.

6 kilograms equals 3.27 cubic metres of Carbon Dioxide.

3.27 cubic metre equals 3270 litres of Carbon Dioxide.

Kind Regards,
BOC Customer Service
P: 131 262 F: 132 427
W: www.boc.com.au


Have had some enquiries similar to yours in the past and I believe
what our customers have purchased are our B-SS4 metering valve and our
B-4-TA-1-4 tube adapter fitting to go into the outlet of the BOC
Regulator and PFA-T4-047-1M which is PFA tubing.  Please also be aware
that it is our company policy that it is the responsibility of the end
user, system designer and installer of the products to purchase the
correct goods for the requirements of their system, therefore,
re-stocking fees are applicable in the event that you may wish to
return goods.  Goods are also only accepted for return if they have
not been used and are in their original packaging etc.  Please refer
to www.swagelok.com where you can check the parts you have requested
are suitable.

SWAGELOK do not supply BOC equipment, therefore we cannot supply the bottles
and regulators you made reference to.

SUBJECT: www.AirLiquide.com

I would suggest a DL size if it is for indoor use but I do not know the size
of your fish tank
DL size is 9kg or 4.8m3 or 4,800 litres of gas
An F size is 22kg or 12,000 litres

Dave Wilson wrote:

Question for Dave G

I am a resident of NT Aust. The only needle valves we can access here are
the Nupro variety from the local gas supply companies for about $135 Aust

I looked at your pictures and was wondering if there are any differences
between the gas connection systems (bottle to reg) in Australia compared to
the US.   They look like they might be different.

Dave W

On 13/8/05 12:26 AM, "Dave Gomberg" <dave1 at wcf_com> wrote:

At 15:21 8/11/2005, Nick wrote:

Btw A needle valve costs about A$89

Nick, you might want to get a set of our 500th System Special at USD200 for
6 needle valves and 6 Eheim diffusors.

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