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Re: [APD] Re: Needle valves

Question for Dave G

I am a resident of NT Aust.   The only needle valves we can access here are
the Nupro variety from the local gas supply companies for about $135 Aust

I looked at your pictures and was wondering if there are any differences
between the gas connection systems (bottle to reg) in Australia compared to
the US.   They look like they might be different.

Dave W

On 13/8/05 12:26 AM, "Dave Gomberg" <dave1 at wcf_com> wrote:

> At 15:21 8/11/2005, Nick wrote:
>> Btw A needle valve costs about A$89
> Nick, you might want to get a set of our 500th System Special at USD200 for
> 6 needle valves and 6 Eheim diffusors.

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