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[APD] Re: needle valves

At 15:21 8/11/2005, Nick wrote:

>Btw A needle valve costs about A$89

Nick, you might want to get a set of our 500th System Special at USD200 for 
6 needle valves and 6 Eheim diffusors.


Dave Gomberg, San Francisco   

Dave's fabco needle valves are quite nice, I think he sells them for about 25 ea and 100$ for 6(so 16.66$ ea), they are better than the Clippard and much easier to obtain. 

I'm not sure where you got 89$, but do not shop there. 

The old Nupro valves are the next step up from the Fabco, they run about 38-40$ ea, so clippards are 11-12$, then fabco's for 16-17$/25$ single, 38-40For ther Nupro, you simply do not need a better valve than the Nupro, even if they are sold.

Thermal expansion coefficents due to home temp difference (daily changes) come into play much more than the $$$$ cost issues after the Nupro.

Tom Barr


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