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Re: [APD] Phosphates too much? any alternative answers to reducin g the problem.

On 8/12/05, Vaughn Hopkins <hoppy1 at surewest_net> wrote: 
> Liz,
> My original assertion was that adding large quantities of tap water,
> without treating it for chloramine, could leave ammonia in the tank.

 Yep, products addressing chlorine but not chloramine do that.
 Scott's original assertion was: 'Some of the additives that "break the 
chloramine" bond leave chlorine and ammonia in the water -- thanks a lot
overhyped additive.' That's what I was making reference to. I don't know 
what the overhyped additive is, so I asked about one of the more popular 
products for chloramines. I don't think Prime is the only product sold that 
safely and effectively treats chloramines.

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