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[APD] Re: Needle valves

At 08:40 8/13/2005, Dave W asked:
Question for Dave G
I am a resident of NT Aust.   The only needle valves we can access here are
the Nupro variety from the local gas supply companies for about $135 Aust

That is a tremendous amount of money. That's about 100USD, right?

I looked at your pictures and was wondering if there are any differences
between the gas connection systems (bottle to reg) in Australia compared to
the US.   They look like they might be different.

I am not sure what this has to do with needle valves but I will do my best to answer. My needle valves have 10/32 female threads. I sell them with 10/32 to 5/32" barb adapters, so that you can hook conventional or CO2 resistant air hose to them.

Bottle to regulator connections are a whole different kettle of fish. In the USA CO2 uses the CGA320 connection. This is a level thread connection sealed with a nylon washer compressed between the surface of the cylinder shutoff valve exit pipe and a solid flange/pipe affair that leads into the body of the regulator. When properly seated and tightened they do not leak.

I do not know about threads for cylinder shutoff valves in AU, you would have to ask your Compressed Gas Association (CGA) folks.

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