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Re: [APD] Attacking Otos

>>>Don't think it's anything to worry about. My discus and ottos  have been 
living happily together for 15 months now.<<<

I really  haven't worried about it to much but I have taken out a few otos 
that I saw on  the discus at feeding time. 
>>>Check your tank about 2-3 hours after the lights go out. By  this time the 
Discus are asleep and the Oto's are active. This is when i found  my Discus 
being attacked. The Discus were acting "strange" and had "dark Body  color" so 
i was checking all my levels etc., but everything was ok. Once i  remover the 
suckermouth cats everything returned to normal. Hope this  helps.<<<

I checked at night as you said, probably 9 different times and I never did  
see any of the otos on my disus but I will check every now and then in the  
future, just in case.
A side note -  I guess most of you know this but when I checked the  discus 
at night to see if the otos were sucking on them I found out that the  discus 
always slept or stayed in the same spot night after night.

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