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[APD] Seachems Prime

>From Seachems web page: 
>>>Primeâ is the complete and concentrated conditioner for both  fresh and 
salt water. Primeâ removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia. Primeâ  converts 
ammonia into a safe, non-toxic form that is readily removed by the  tankâs 
biofilter. Primeâ may be used during tank cycling to alleviate  ammonia/nitrite 
toxicity. Primeâ detoxifies nitrite and nitrate, allowing the  biofilter to more 
efficiently remove them. It will also detoxify any heavy  metals found in the 
tap water at typical concentration levels. Primeâ also  promotes the 
production and regeneration of the natural slime coat. Primeâ is  non-acidic and will 
not impact pH. Primeâ will not overactivate skimmers. Use at  start-up and 
whenever adding or replacing water.<<<
Since this is changing the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates  does it cause any 
problems with the plants being able to use them?
Does it cause any problems with algae being able to use  the ammonia?

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