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Re: [APD] Looking for safe shrimp/plant medicine for treating


 I've spent a lot of time trying to solve this very problem. I have two

 1. If ICH is your problem, attach a UV sterilizer to your setup. Bring the
temperature up to 82-86 degrees. My understanding (which may be flawed) is
that the ich parasites will proceed through their lifecycle more quickly
(there are four stages) and during one of these stages, they will fall from
the fish. It should take about two weeks for the cycle to complete,
depending on how high you have the temperature. The higher the temperature,
the shorter the cycle. The UV sterilizer will help kill any free-swimming
parasites before they attach themselves to other fish.

 2. There is one medication that I've found that will not kill shrimp. This
I have tested personally on ghost shrimp. However, in testing it, I did not
actually have any parasite-infected fish so I don't know if the medication
is actually effective or not. Also, I've heard that this medication is no
longer being made, so it may be a struggle to find thse stuff. I'll give you
every piece of information I can on it...

It's called "Ecolibrium FW"
Text on bottle: "Eliminates free swimming parasites in fresh water. Safe
with scaleless fish and all sensitive species. It will safely and
effectively eliminate Ichthyophthirius. Treats water and eliminates I.
multifilis without harm to fish or aquatic plants. Does not interfere with
biological filtration. Biodegrades in 4-5 days leaving no harmful residue.
Does not need test kits to provide effective results. Directions: Add 1/2
oz. per 5 gallons of ACTUAL water (allow for rocks, ornaments, etc.) Repeat
dose on days 4, 7, 10, & 13. In heavy and persistent infestations, increase
dosage by 50% and continue treatment for an additional week."

Another bottle of another Ecolibrium product says, "This, like all
ecolibrium products will not harm invertebrates."

Like I said, I personally tested this on some unsuspecting ghost shrimp, and
they all survived without issue. However, of course, I did NOT test it on
amano, cherry, etc...

Hope one of these solutions helps!


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