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Re: [APD] Another weird fluorescent

Hmm. A twin-tube "circline". You can measure the diameter
-- is it 5/12s"? That probably would make it the electrical
equivalent of a T5HO or PLL 55w/65w or CF 65w.

However, there are lots of odd ball lamps on the market
with hard to find bulbs -- especially ones that come in a
fixture and have bubls from "China".

Can you tell us how many pins at the base and bulb
manufacturer? Maybe the tube length or overall diamter?


--- "Richard J. Sexton" <richard at aquaria_net> wrote:

> I bought myself this lamp for my birthday; my wife thinks
> I
> got it because of the stunningly attractive deco styling.
> Err,
> yeah it's cool and all but I got it because of this:
> http://rd.vrx.net/roundt5.jpg
> The whole lamp was only $45 so these must be available
> cheap
> someplace. They're uh, bright as hell.
> I'm not sure it's T5 diameter - that's jsut a guess;
> looks
> like it though. The light has an electronic ballast.
> I see nothing like it in any of the major lighting
> catalogues.
> It must be putting out 3000-4000 lumens, and all in a
> square
> 8 inches on a side or less. Two of these over, say, a 20
> gallon
> tank would have really nice coverage. I like my two 40W
> cf
> but it doesn't exacly distribute over the tank well.
> If anybody finds any of these please let me know.
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