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[APD] The Paludarium Authority

Join us Saturday June 18 at 1pm for an exclusive view into the world of
paludariums with Mike Senkse of Aquarium Design Group. You will discover all
aspects of these unique dual environments where terrestrial and aquatic
worlds collide. As an award winning aquatic designer, Mike will share his
ideas from aesthetic right down to the technical issues involved in
maintaining paludariums. This event is open to the public but space is
limited and you must RSVP to attend this DFWAPC event. To RSVP visit this


Mike Sense is CEO of Aquarium Design Group (ADG) located in Houston, Texas.
ADG's aquarium designs are recognized around the world and have even been
featured in Takashi Amano's "AquaJournal" magazine.


We hope to see you there,

Ricky Cain
DFW Aquatic Plant Club

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