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[APD] Another weird fluorescent

I bought myself this lamp for my birthday; my wife thinks I
got it because of the stunningly attractive deco styling. Err,
yeah it's cool and all but I got it because of this:


The whole lamp was only $45 so these must be available cheap
someplace. They're uh, bright as hell.

I'm not sure it's T5 diameter - that's jsut a guess; looks
like it though. The light has an electronic ballast.

I see nothing like it in any of the major lighting catalogues.

It must be putting out 3000-4000 lumens, and all in a square
8 inches on a side or less. Two of these over, say, a 20 gallon
tank would have really nice coverage. I like my two 40W cf
but it doesn't exacly distribute over the tank well.

If anybody finds any of these please let me know.


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