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Re: [APD] which lighting setup and hieght you recommend for me

My last tank had a 20 inch water depth, and planting and cleaning it was a major effort. I'm about 5 foot 10 inches tall -about average - and reaching the bottom was very difficult. My tank had a glass strip across the top, for about a quarter of the tanks length, which made planting and pruning the center of the tank especially frustrating. I just can't imagine working with a 24 inch water depth. As far as lights go, you just can't beat the availability and cost of a variety of four foot long T12 bulbs, and, to a lesser extent, T8 bulbs. With a 30 inch wide tank you could very easily cram in a dozen such bulbs if you really wanted a lot of light. So, that's the way I would go.

On Wednesday, June 1, 2005, at 01:31 AM, Amr Anwar wrote:

Hi all
I want to setup a planted tank 48"X30"X24" 140 gallons and I'm really frustrated to use which light setup of the following:
First lighting setup : 8X48" daylight flourescent lamps (8X40=320 watts 2.2 w/gal)
Second lighting setup : 12X26 watt spiral compact flourescent lamps

i.e The first question is : Do you prefer to use daylight flourescent lamps or spiral compact flourescent lamps ?
The Second question is : Do you prefer the tank height to be 20" or 24" which height is better for the plants knowing that I will plant amazon sowrds and water sprite and cabomba?
The third Question : If I want to use an ehiem surface skimmer in order to clear the water surface and to give a chance to exchange gases with the air and supply oxygen to water to serve the high fish load which I will host about (100 fishes angels,gouramis, rose barbs, clown loaches,SAE,zebra danio ) can I with the surface skimmer ( which let co2 escapes ) but using presserized co2 setup mantain a 30 ppm > co2?

Thanks in advance for all your replies
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