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Re: [APD] which lighting setup and hieght you recommend for me

At 07:22 AM 6/1/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>My last tank had a 20 inch water depth, and planting and cleaning it 
>was a major effort.  I'm about 5 foot 10 inches tall -about average - 
>and reaching the bottom was very difficult.  My tank had a glass strip 
>across the top, for about a quarter of the tanks length, which made 
>planting and pruning the center of the tank especially frustrating.  I 
>just can't imagine working with a 24 inch water depth.  As far as 
>lights go, you just can't beat the availability and cost of a variety 
>of four foot long T12 bulbs, and, to a lesser extent, T8 bulbs. 

You can sure beat the light output though.  have 6 20's on
a rack long ways (that is you look down the end). I've packed as many
T12's as I can in there - 8 and there's no room for any more. The
bulbs are on chains and are usually 1/2" from the top of the tank.

I can't grow broad leaf crypts (blassii, grabowski) worth a damn in 
there, they want more light. In my wifes tank, a 25 long with 80CF
these plants do extremeley well.

I'm replacing all T12 with CF this summer.


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