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Re: [APD] Re: water sprite temperatures

At 09:18 AM 5/16/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>Not trying to pass myself off as a taxonomist. However, I
>believe that the name "sillquosa" is from Rataj & Horeman
>for the fine leaf sprite but it's not clear if they were,
>in fact, distinguishing what is C. thalicatroides from C.
>cornuta, which they might possibly have called "pteroides."
>The plant with the very fine, Cabomba-ish leaves, has not,
>afaik, been formally classified as a diff species from C.
>Definitely there are 3 distinct plants: thin, thinner, and
>not so thin plus the very tough leaf version that I believe
>is C. pteroides. Which gives us possibly three species: 
>C. thalictroides (with thin and thinner)
>C. cornuta (rounder and not so thin) and
>C. pteroides and, actually (or possibly) two more,
>richardii and gaudichaudii but I don't think these lat two
>show up in the hobby.
>C. pteroides is usually identified as a broader or rounder
>leaf, which I take to be the much larger leafed plant from
>South America. I can affirm that it does like to spend
>several weeks in transit.
>I'm not sure if the name "sillquosa" is still in use.
>Even with pics, it can be hard to distinguish some
>"examples" of these from the others.
>Erik saved some good summary discussion about this (from
>way back in 1998) on thekrib.com:

One thing that struck me in the archived krib discussion was
the mention of a "cabomba-like" more fine leaved-than-silliquosa
variety? I've never heard or seen this stuff, anybody got pictures?

This is the stuff I have:


It's the "sillquosa" of the trade. 

I found a decent pic of C. richardii:



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