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[APD] Re: Water Sprites

Richard Sexton wrote:

">C. cornuta is what is commonly available in the lfss in my
neck of the woods, and C. thalictroides is actually harder
to come by. However, I imagine this varies from place to

What happened to the C. sillquosa (sp?) name for the fine leaved one?"

The taxonomy of the Ceratopteris genus is a mess. There is no general agreement as to the number of species/varieties, and even some question as to the actual family the genus belongs to.

Most scientific/botanical supply houses sell spores of C. richadii for use in highschool biology/botany classes. This species has stiff, almost "needle-like" fronds, which grow emersed, and resembles the "C. sillquosa" name used in most aquarium literature.

What the actual truth is is beyond me, I just enjoy the plants.

James Purchase

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